There is a Groundswell of Excitement in the Global $44.3 Trillion Mobile Application Market(1)

ClickStream Corp. Could Be Your Front-Row Seat to the Best Opportunity in the Industry

Advantage #1: Hyper-Fast Growing Social Language Learning App – HeyPal™

Parlez vous major opportunity? The Global Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Language Learning market could nearly double by 2025, reaching a staggering $115B and led by digital, delivering 3X growth in just five years.

This is a massive opening for Clickstream’s marquis app HeyPal. It’s a unique app that is actually a user-to-user language exchange allowing anyone from around the world to learn a new language through interactive chat and social posts.

People seriously love this brand-new app.

There have been more than 367,000 downloads since the app was beta-launched less than eight months ago in the iOS App Store. And it’s snowballing. Downloads from September to October 2021 alone surged by over 16%, for instance.

Here’s the vital thing you have to consider. The app, for now, is only available on Apple (iOS), which owns a tiny 13% share of the smartphone market.

Once the android version, slated to be released November 15, 2021, hits the market, all bets are off. It could be off to the races!

Check out the coolness of HeyPal for yourself:

If you have an iPhone, why not download the app?

Now you might be wondering how the app makes money. Let’s not forget Facebook paid a humongous $21.8 billion, or $55 per user, for WhatsApp. Why? The simple answer is an actively engaged and growing user base.

HeyPal could be exhibiting those very same high-value qualities.

The company is already seeing incredible growth.

For one, the language learning space has become a bit tired with flashcards, boring lessons, and other impersonal tools. HeyPal™ is livening up the space with its core mission: facilitating natural social connections between language learners. And that’s our unique edge.

In fact, the company is so confident with its edge, it’s doubling down on it.

“All of our quarterly and long-term goals revolve around enhancing social connections for learners. In the coming months, we have several key app features and launches, and continued growth powered by organic sharing to support that,” says Jonathan Maxim, HeyPal™ CEO.

Two, after launching just five months ago, the company’s app has been downloaded 450,000+ times, with 133,000 of those coming on board organically.

In addition, over the last five months, growth has been off the charts

  • HeyPal™’s user growth rate of 100,000 downloads per month exceeds traditional learning apps like Rosetta Stone, which alsogained 90K downloads in the last 30 days, indicating a shift away from traditional language learning and toward social learning
  • HeyPal™’s average app session time is 15 minutes and 53 seconds, well abovethe 5 minute benchmark showing users love the platform
  • Day 1 retention rate of 45%, beating the industryaverage of 26% for social apps

Even more impressive, it’s looming Android launch could be massive.  After all, nearly 73% of global smartphones are Android-based.

But wait, it gets even better.

Moving forward, the company will soon:

  • Launch HeyPal™ paid subscriptions to begin monetizing the platform
  • Launch “PenPal”, a “Tinder-like” Matching Feature to pair language natives and learners
  • Launch predictive direct messages to spark conversation and augment learning
  • Enhance in-app engagement metrics
  • Increase Monthly Active Users from 23% to 25%
  • Maintain Day 1 Retention above 45%
  • Increase Day 30 Retention from 4% to 5%
  • Finalize Cryptocurrency integration plan
  • Launch user engagement marketing with SMS, email, Push and in-app notifications

Advantage #2: Meet WinQuik™- The Fast-Paced Trivia App Keeping Users Glued to Their Devices

There’s nothing quite as engaging as that extraordinary lightbulb moment when you recall an obscure fact or niche tidbit of knowledge to impress and stump your friends.

The heyday of apps like HQ and Fleetwit may have come and gone, but the best trivia apps remain a popular part of the mobile landscape. Clickstream Corp’s WinQuik could be a red-hot leader and the next-gen face of trivia apps.

In other words, the app is crushing it.

Stats are all pointing in the right direction. The app has over 3,200 daily active users, boasting a whopping 29% Day 7 retention rate. This is almost DOUBLE the average rate for gaming apps – which is 14%-16%.

Amazing right?

Well, here’s another mind-blowing stat.

On average, mobile users spend approximately five minutes in an app. WinQuik’s average user session time is 50% HIGHER at 7.5 minutes.

The app offers users up to 5 daily games of multiplayer quizzes. Primetime quizzes are run by well-known hosts with a wide range of new and exciting topics.

We have to emphasize that Clickstream is just getting started, and this app is already immensely disruptive.

WinQuik is Making All Kinds of News

The mobile gaming market is booming like never before. According to Statista, the number of active mobile gamers is rapidly rising to the tune of potentially 2.7 billion users by the end of 2021.

In this space, when it comes to possible future buyout opportunities, always think about how actively engaged users are and what that could mean.

So now, are you ready for this?

Over 335,000 Games Have Been Played on WinQuik™, and the 1 Vs. 1 Challenge Games Exceeds 174,000 Users.

This market is so ripe for disruption, and Clickstream Corp appears to be making all the right moves.

Advantage #3: ClickStream to Go Into Beast-Mode with Joey’s Animal Kingdom™

The learning app market is absolutely booming. In fact, venture and equity financing for education technology start-ups has more than doubled, surging to $12.58 billion worldwide in 2020 from $4.81 billion in 2019, according to a report from CB Insights.

Enter ClickStream’s flagship animated series Joey’s Animal Kingdom™. A show that takes kids all around this amazing planet to see incredible animals and creatures.

ClickStream anticipates launching Joey’s Animal Kingdom™ in the Fall of 2021 along with a coordinated social media and merchandising campaign involving the series’ characters.

The company intends to market this children’s entertainment and education app to 4–10-year-olds and their parents. It plans to monetize the app through a pay-to-play model as well as merchandising.

Want to talk about upside potential? Look at these eye-popping eLearning stats.

  • Since its birth, the global eLearning industry has grown by 900%.
  • The US e-learning market is set to grow by $12.81 billion between 2020 and 2024.
  • The worldwide e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 Billion in 2025.
  • eLearning can help students to retain between25% and 60% more information.
  • As of 2020, mobile e-learning had grown by $38 billion. From 2017 to 2022, there is an expected upward trajectory of $6 billion.
  • 72% of K-12 studentsuse cloud-based education tools for the learning experience.
  • The US and European markets contribute 70%of most users of the e-learning services market globally.

Live quizzes and games, alongside kid profiles and head-to-head games with topics involving science, history, culture, sports, food/nutrition…

We could be genuinely looking at eLearning’s next big thing.

Advantage #4: Listen to the Sweet Sound of Upside Potential with the Nifter™ Music NFT Marketplace

Do you know of anything hotter than the non-fungible token or NFT marketplace right now? The amount of money sloshing around is absolutely insane.

The stats are making everyone shake their heads in disbelief.

  • DappRadar, which tracks blockchain sales, saw that in the second quarter of 2021, NFTs brought in $2.4 billion, slightly above the first quarter’s $2.3 billion.
  • The same report found that sales spiked 111.46% compared to Q1, with the number of active wallets also jumping 151.89% in the same period.

Perhaps the most significant NFT opportunity is with music. Artists are selling their music as NFTs – and they’re making millions.

An NFT can represent the ownership of an original copy of a song, album, merch, or any unique item. The NFT is held in the blockchain, where it cannot be copied or deleted. The buyer owns this digital piece of art, which can change in value depending on popularity, and if they want to sell it, they can.

Get this. Artist 3Lau’s recent sale raked in a head-spinning $11.3 million from an NFT auction.

Introducing the Nifter™ Music NFT Marketplace

Nifter is set to revolutionize this skyrocketing buyer demand with its own user-friendly NFT marketplace.

Currently, its beta stage allows users to create, buy, and sell original music and sound NFTs. Artists can use Nifter’s simple tools to turn a piece of music into an NFT and then sell it on the Nifter marketplace for a fixed price or in an auction. At the same time, the platform also gives fans a way to purchase one-of-a-kind NFTs directly from their favorite artists.

Powered by Rebel Blockchain, the platform allows users to connect their cry-pto wallet to exchange unique music files.

The bottom line is this. Music NFTs are still a relatively untapped yet colossal portion of this billion-dollar market – and that means there is enormous ground-floor potential.

Advantage #5: ClickStream Corp., United States (OTC PINK:CLIS) is Financially Sound

With short-term assets of $3.1 million and no long-term liabilities, Clickstream has strong positioning to quickly get to where they want to be.

When you think about it, the most obvious reason the average investor hasn’t heard of this hot-shot innovator is big media.

The mainstream media is only going to cover “what’s obvious.”

That’s where the ratings are. And that makes them persistently LATE.

They wait until the wealth has already been made. But how does that help?

You see, first movers covered by the media often break the ice in new technology but can end up being swallowed up by fast followers and disruptors like ClickStream.

Think about this…who owns a first-mover Nokia phone now?

So, anyone who likes to side with the “fast followers” may want to take a long hard look at ClickStream Corp., United States (OTC PINK:CLIS).

It’s not outrageous to think that this company could move big and move fast!


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